guusu® Ambassador Program

We are looking for the eco-conscious fashionista to help spread our mission, inspire a generation to protect the world we play in, and most importantly, help us plant more trees. Our goal is to plant 1.000.000 trees by 2023.

• 30% discounts lifetime on our product
• Get 10% commission on all referred sales
• Plant more trees with guusu®: Give back to the planet by planting 10 trees for every product sold
 Features on our social media channels
Climate positive force: 100 trees planted and 10 tonnes of CO2 removed (offset carbon) every year for you*

• Engage with guusu® and other ambassadors on social media
• Promote the guusu® million trees campaign
• Share our mission on social media and in your community
• Share your outfit ideas with guusu® goods

Register with us below → All applications will be thoroughly looked into. Your social following will not impact your chances. We believe in acceptance and the ability to grow together.

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