Million Trees Campaign by guusu®

Every day we borrow resources from the planet. Fashion needs a new beginning and we have created the space for this. We want our clothes to make us happy, respect our planet and help the humans.

First, we design amazing garments while keeping the supply chain fully sustainable. Then we create the guusu® tree fund, powered by ecologi with the goal is to plant 1.000.000 trees 🌲 to help save our environment. To make this work possible, we will use more than 70% of our marketing budget to reward all of our customers (you) who have helped us share our 1.000.000 trees® campaign, and plant as many trees as possible across our planet. That's how we begin the guusu® brand.

Here's how it work:

Action Description Impact
Purchase Every guusu® product purchased 10 trees planted
Share Every guusu® successful refer-a-friend 20 trees planted
Redeem Every 1.000 guusu® prestige points redeemed 05 trees planted
Review Every product review through 02 trees planted
Feedback Every instagram photo feedback 01 trees planted