Refer-a-friend to Plant 10 Trees

Every time you refer-a-friend to guusu® and they join us by opening an account to shopping. We will plant 10 trees and make the world a greener place on your behalf. This is our firm commitment.

Our goal is to plant 1.000.000 trees to help save our environment by 2023. That’s why we’ve created the guusu® tree fund, powered by ecologi. To make this work possible, we will use more than 70% of our marketing budget to reward all of our customers (you) who have helped us share our 1.000.000 trees® campaign, and plant as many trees as possible across our planet.

Every successful refer-a-friend by you = [1] 10 trees planted 🌲 for the planet + [2] 200 GP reward for you + [3] Special 15% discount for your friends. And plus [4] 10 trees planted 🌲 on every product purchased by your friends later. Thus, we will have at least 20 trees planted 🌲 with only one successful refer-a-friend.

Here's how it work:

 You Your friends Impact the planet
200 GP reward 15% discount 10 trees planted
Plus 10 trees planted on every product purchased by your friends

This is the power of sharing, it can produce a huge result. To do this you need a guusu® Prestige account. To sign up → Just click the blue gift box icon located at the bottom left corner of your screen. Welcome and thank you for joining us in our force to protect the environment.

Help us spread this important message far and wide. We've made a commitment and we would love you to join us too. A butterfly flapping its wings in Brazil can cause a hurricane in Toronto. A share by you can cause a forest.


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Make a share and start a movement